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Join ‘The Ghost Club’ On a Very Real Hunt

Another found footage ghost story has a trailer, this time it’s Hank Blumenthal’s The Ghost Club. This docu-horror once again confines itself into a haunted location. Don’t ya think it’s about time to explore outside haunted asylums and houses? Here’s the plot crunch.

The Ghost Club was founded in 1862 to investigate psychic phenomena and to prove the existence of ghosts. The Club’s ultimate goal is to make contact with the beyond. For over 150 years, the Club has investigated every reported haunting in the United Kingdom, and the United States. They have never gathered a single scrap of proof.

Until today.

In 2012 The Ghost Club has been turned into a popular reality TV show. Each week, the new Ghost Club–a dedicated team of paranormal investigators–follows in the footsteps of the clubs founders. The dedicated paranormal professionals use modern technology, and modified 19th century club tech to investigate reports of the bizarre and unusual.

In the 5th year of the program, during a particularly challenging investigation of an antebellum mansion, several of the show’s cast members go missing…

This is the chronicle of that tragic final episode.



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