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TV: [Next On] Sneak Peak At ‘The River’ Episode 01.03

From the mind of Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli, and directed by Orphan and House of Wax‘s Jaume Collet-Serra, the past Tuesday’s premiere of ABC’s The River was considered soft. Catching up on the show, I can see why people tapered off each half hour… it wasn’t very captivating, and the commercial breaks continually crushed any building tension. With that said, I absolutely despised the series premiere for FX’s “American Horror Story,” which transformed before my eyes into one of the most captivating shows on television. I’ll stick with “The River” a few more episodes and see where they go.

Gearing up for next week, below you’ll find the first clip from episode 3 entitled “We Leave At Dawn.” It will air next Tuesday, February 14th.



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