[Podcast] 'Aural Pleasure' Heads To The Grammys - Bloody Disgusting
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[Podcast] ‘Aural Pleasure’ Heads To The Grammys



Posted this past Sunday is the latest edition of the Aural Pleasure podcast.

In the eighth edition of Bloody-Disgusting’s “Aural Pleasure” (has it seriously been this long? You think we would’ve been canned by now!), Jonny, Bill, and Adam tackle their reactions to the recently released “Silent Hill: Downpour” intro theme, their thoughts on the Grammys and what is going on with the music industry these days, and lastly, who some of our favorite voice actors in video games and movies are. Oh, and then Bill drops a doozy and decides to offer TWO recommendations, leaving Jonny a bit flummoxed.

Just another foray into the minds of these three weirdos, I guess.

You’ll find the episode by reading on or searching for “Bloody Disgusting” on iTunes! Watch for new podcast episodes every weekend!


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