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[OMFG] Read Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier’s Unused Pitch For ‘Ghost Rider 2’!

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance 3D

Columbia Pictures’ Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3D has been critically panned so bad that by the time it hit theaters many thought it was so-so. But the real fun of a film finally getting released is wondering what could have been, especially when it’s well-known that other talented filmmakers were nearly involved. Such the case with Todd Farmer, the writer of My Bloody Valentine, Jason X and Drive Angry 3D. The screenwriter took to his personal blog (one that I highly recommend subscribing to) where he revealed his treatment for the Marvel comic book sequel.

During one of our many meetings, [Michael] De Luca, who had produced ‘Ghost Rider,’ suggested we [Farmer and Patrick Lussier] come up with a pitch for ‘Ghost Rider 2.’ We said yes with much enthusiasm. So Mike set a meeting with Avi Arad that we might meet and discuss the franchise,” he explains. “When we returned we were pumped. We had nailed it. It may seem arrogant to say that but DUH. Isn’t that the point? Why would you ever go back if you didn’t think you nailed it?” He continues: “We knew De Luca dug it. Later we heard that Sony loved it. But in the end Avi passed. He said it was too violent. Hate not getting the job but I’ll take TOO VIOLENT as the reason any day of the week.

Want to read the pitch? Eh? I bet you do! Click here to download the treatment and then tell us what you think!



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