Danielle Harris Will NOT Star In 'Blackstar Canyon'...Yet - Bloody Disgusting
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Danielle Harris Will NOT Star In ‘Blackstar Canyon’…Yet



Contrary to other website’s premature reports, Danielle Harris has NOT signed on to star in Greg Beville’s Blackstar Canyon. The star refuted the claims via her Twitter.

Other actors unconfirmed, but in talks, are Brian Krause, Tiny Lister, Tippi Hedren (The Birds) and Belinda Balaski (The Howling).

Blackstar Canyon is located in eastern Orange County, California, near the Santa Ana mountain range. During 1831–1875 hundreds of Native Americans were slaughtered by white landowners to make room for larger ranches. With the removal of the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe members, the new settlers prospered with silver and coals mining for a brief time until the deposits were used up completely.

In modern times the largely abandoned mining site is the source of many occult rumors.

This shadowy valley was also the destination for two young couples from Laguna Beach High during Spring Break 2006. Their goal was to spend the night in Blackstar Canyon and see who would survive the urban legend dangers that haunt the area. Tyler and Alissa soon learned the secret the remaining townsfolk were protecting in the center of the mineshafts of Blackstar Canyon.


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