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Classic Slasher Feel Goes ‘7 Down’

Looking a bit inspired by the classic slasher Prowler, we’ve landed the trailer for 7 Down, written and directed by Tyler L. Schmid.

You can check out the 7 Down website for more, or purchase it at RHR Home Video. More on the7 Down Facebook page.

Seamus (Mike Crawford), Damion (Kenton Masloskie) and Craig (Adam Flores) are primed to go out of town for a haunted hay rack ride. The beer and vodka flow freely until the three friends are thrown a curve ball when Seamus’ younger sister, Mickey (Raychel Fejfar), invites three of her friends to join the party: Ted (Josh Crawford), the shy photography student who often goes unnoticed; Julianna (Gaia Foxx), who cannot escape the loss of her parents and little brother; and Salvatore (Sam Sajid), the greasy mafia connected drug dealer.

The tension rises when the friends realize that they are lost. The fear of driving at night increases their hysteria. The situation worsens when Ted’s car breaks down. A cell phone call to AAA, and a liter of vodka sparks the inevitable. Who is the killer and what is the motive for his madness?



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