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Kevin Williamson Is Not Writing ‘Scream 5’




Here’s some news on Scream 5, albeit brief.

Franchise writer Kevin Williamson will not be returning, which comes as no surprise considering the reports both here and here regarding Scream 4 rewrites and behind-the-scenes fights between Williamson and the Weinsteins.

When website Assignment X asked Williamson about the fifth film, he candidly responded, “I don’t know. I’m not doing it.

Franchise director Wes Craven had also stated back in May 2011 that he was choosing “summer break” over Scream 5.

Bloody Disgusting has heard from inside that the Weinstein Company is looking to young writers/directors to take the franchise in a fresh direction. It should be stated that they change their mind daily. Watch for anything official as it comes in. What would you like to see in a fifth Scream? I know what I don’t want to see, and that’s more Scary Movie crossovers (oh Anthony Anderson, you kill me).

Thanks to BD reader ‘RRH’ for the heads up.


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