'The Upper Footage' Hits 10 Cities This Summer - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Upper Footage’ Hits 10 Cities This Summer



The Upper

I’m losing my breath (and mind) attempting to continually explain what the hell we think The Upper Footage (formerly Upper) is. The short explanation is that it’s an alleged home video of a group of upper class kids who laugh and parade around a friend after she overdoses on drugs. There has since then been alleged attempts by the rich families involved to cover up the incident, and the videos. We took the bait and have been covering the film, because, really, true or not, this is some brilliant grassroots marketing that deserves the love.

After months of teasing, alongside a hard-nosed effort to do some detective work (gather all of the information released thus far here), the unknown people behind the found footage thriller have released the first “official” teaser trailer that promises a release in 10 theaters this summer. During our initial digging this past January, no studio was involved. They want it, they want it bad too. It’ll be interesting to see how this comes into fruition. Watch this spot. Sign up on Facebook.


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