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‘Saw’ Franchise Star Becomes ‘Dead in Tombstone’



Dina Meyer

Saw I-III and Piranha 3D star Dina Meyer will be joining Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club The Dark Knight, Weird Science), Danny Trejo (Machete, Predators) and Mickey Rourke (Sin City) in Dead in Tombstone, the Roel Reine-directed action adventure film that’s now filming in Bucharest, Romania. Bloody Disgusting exclusively reported the film back in January.

Penned by Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles, with revisions by Michael Weiss, “Trejo plays Guerrero Hernandez, the unquestioned leader of the Blackwater Gang of outlaws. But after freeing his half-brother Red (Hall) from prison, Guerrero’s plan to loot the mining town of Edendale backfires spectacularly — because Guerrero is shot to death by his own brother, the treacherous Red. After making a deal with the Devil (Rourke), Guerrero comes back from the dead a year later, to seek his revenge, and the town (which has been renamed Tombstone) will soon have its dusty streets running knee- deep in a river of blood…

Reine is a direct-to-video legend taking the reigns on The Marine 2, The Lost Tribe, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption, Death Race 2 and Death Race: Inferno.


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