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‘Dark Skies’ Marks Two For Abduction Film

Keri Russell

Hidden within an article a few weeks ago it was revealed that Legion and Priest director Scott Charles Stewart would be getting behind the camera for Dimension Films’ Dark Skies, some sort of sci-fi horror that was being kept secret.

That’s never good enough for us here on Bloody Disgusting, which is why I put in a few calls and started digging.

Being produced by Blumhouse and Alliance Films, we’ve exclusively learned that the horror flick focuses on a 6-year-old boy who’s apparently been “marked” by an alien (living among us) for future abduction. It looks like it taps into some of the same themes of Fright Night, while also playing into child abuse (did the parents cause these marks on the child’s body?)

Keri Russell (Mission: Impossible III, Grimm Love) and Daniel Barrett are both in talks, BD also discovered. They would play the young boys parents, who are financially struggling to get by.

Blumhouse is responsible for the Paranormal Activity films, and the forthcoming The Lords of Salem, directed by Rob Zombie, Sinister, Area 51, Vigilandia, Not Safe For Work and Mockingbird. Wowsa!



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