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This March, Image Comics Wants You To Visit SHUDDERTOWN

Holy crap has Image come out of the gates swinging this year. To add yet another dark tale to their laundry list of titles coming to you this April, today I got to preview Nick Spencer’s(“EXISTENCE”, “FORGETLESS”) newest mini-series entitled “SHUDDERTOWN”. Inside you’ll find the first 5 pages of this genuinely intriguing title that looks to be somewhere between “SE7EN” and “‘MULHOLLAND DRIVE”. “The dead are killing, and troubled homicide cop Isaac Hernandez is on a desperate search for answers. His investigation leads him deep into the corridors of the Shuddertown housing projects, and towards a truth too terrible to face.”

“SHUDDERTOWN” written by Nick Spencer (“FORGETLESS”, “EXISTENCE”) and drawn by Adam Green hits store shelves March 24th courtesy of Image Comics with a retail price of $3.50.



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