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‘Dead Men’ Rise In Newest Indy Project From Alex De-Gruchy!



With Summer almost OFFICIALLY behind us, and that magical time of the year known as Fall just around the corner, Indy publishers Orang Utan are ready to help ease you into the season with their all new horror series, “DEAD MEN”. The all new upstart from scribe Alex De-Gruchy recently released its first issue for just $2.50, and if you make the jump you can check out the scans. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Alex De-Gruchy
LETTERS BY: Ian Sharman

“One heist. Six thieves. Thirty million dollars. A city of the dead. Cole, Sean, Alderman, Turner, Nash, Dalton: six professional criminals who, at a security depot on the outskirts of Chicago, pull off the biggest cash robbery in US history. Afterwards, they know the drill: keep a low profile. Keep your mouth shut. Be smart. But they’re about to find out that the old rules don’t apply anymore. Not in a city where the dead are returning to life and feeding on the living. And not when one of them decides his share of the payoff isn’t enough and that instead he wants it all. These career criminals are wanted men. Dangerous men. And now they’re going to have to work very hard to not become dead men.

Saint or sinner, the living can want a lot of things. Money. Love. Revenge. The dead aren’t so complicated. In Chicago, six professional thieves pull off the biggest cash robbery in US history. But as they prepare to make the most of their newfound wealth, some members of this crew are about to find out that betrayal is an ugly thing and that another man’s greed can kill you just as fast as a bullet. For these crooks, death is a career hazard. A potential result of the job. But the dead coming back to life? That’s something else entirely. Except it’s something they’ll have to face soon. Because all across Chicago, morgue drawers and cemeteries are stirring and the streets are about to burn and run red with blood. And six dangerous men will be forced to run faster and fight harder than they ever have before… to stop themselves becoming dead men.”

“DEAD MEN” Issue #1 Is Available NOW From Alex De-Gruchy and Orang Utan Comics! (MSRP – $2.50)


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