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Chub Of The Day: Blood and Grit Preview of ‘The Punisher’ #3!

Both Rucka and The Punisher are back and better than ever. This new Punisher series is dark, gritty, and showcases just how enigmatic Frank Castle can be. The last issue of Rucka’s new ‘The Punisher’ series ended in a place I don’t think anyone expected. The Vulture flew into the last few pages of the book, and no he’s not the same old green-tight wearing bozo he used to be. Rucka’s Vulture looks more like a hell-spawn than anything, and he’s about to get a big black Punisher boot in his ugly face. On another note, has anyone else noticed that the detectives in this are exactly the same as Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt inSe7en…Anyway, check this bloody preview of ‘The Punisher’ #3. Read on for the skinny…

punisher3-cover WRITTEN BY: Greg Rucka
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Marco Checchetto

“Award winning novelist GREG RUCKA continues his violent and visionary return to Marvel. Even 10,000 feet above New York, no one escapes the Punisher. As Frank trails the criminal underbelly of the city, he encounters the deadly, mob created villain: THE VULTURE for a brutal battle against death and gravity. Meanwhile as NYPD detectives get closer to understanding Frank Castle’s new relationship, one of New York’s finest is struggling keep his own Punisher association untraceable.”




‘The Punisher’ #3 hits shops September 7th from Marvel (MSRP $2.99)



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