OMFG Of The Day: Alan Moore's 'Grit' Rips Stan Lee And Frank Miller A New One! - Bloody Disgusting!

OMFG Of The Day: Alan Moore’s ‘Grit’ Rips Stan Lee And Frank Miller A New One!

Alan Moore has always been one cheeky dude, but this 1983 pastiche of Frank Miller’s “Daredevil” takes the cake. Now this Doesn’t overtly reference Miller’s work, but it’s pretty evident if you’ve ever read his Daredevil. Even if you haven’t chanced a look at Miller’s version of the blind super lawyer, this comic is absolutely hilarious constantly sneering at this image:


A Redditor said it best, “Moore was mocking him with his precognitive wizard powers”. Check out the full 4 page parody comic after the jump. Read on for the skinny… “Grit”
WRITTEN BY: Alan Moore & Mike Collings
Originally published on Daredevils [ Marvel UK ] 1983