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HALLOWEEN TREAT: Eric Red And Arrow In The Head Treat Fans With ‘Do Not Disturb’!

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls! I hope that all of you are properly recovered from your weekend hangovers and ready to party properly for our favorite holiday, and let us assure you; we are too. However, before we can even THINK about letting you all go out and have too much fun, we have nice little treat for all of you courtesy of JoBlo and Arrow In The Head! Today was the kickoff to their new joint horror comic serial entitled, “TWITCH”, and to help get you hooked the team has released a VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK preview of the first ish! Below you can check out the download links for all three parts, and congrats to scribe Eric Red, Arrow In The Head, and JoBlo for the awesome job!

Eric Red had this to say about the series – “Welcome to the first issue of TWITCH, a new online horror anthology comic series exclusively on Arrowinthehead,com at It’s a different kind of comic book done in a style that channels the old EC Comics in a spooky way you haven’t seen before. Our very own The Arrow (who else?) performs pervy duties as our degenerate Cryptkeeper. We had a blast creating this project, and hope you get a kick out of it too. The issue downloads in 3 parts, free of charge. Please remember this is an R rated comic, not work safe and not for kids. The first twisted little tale is called DO NOT DISTURB. Read on, and Happy Halloween!”






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