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If there is a remake that I am looking forward to this year (And yes, I have considered “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET”) then it has to be Darren Lynn Bousman’s (“SAW 2-4”, “REPO THE GENETIC OPERA”)upcoming “MOTHER’S DAY”. All of the press I have seen for it makes it look like it might not fall into “STEPFATHER” territory, and for that I think we can all be thankful. So when the news that Scott Milam, the writer of the screenplay for said film, was releasing a comic book series later this year fell into my inbox, of course I was interested. Read on for the details of Arcana’s newest foray into “The Not Robocop But Totally Robocop” genre in “KILLING MACHINE”.

“Arcana Studios, an award winning comic book publisher and transmedia producer, is proud to announce the upcoming graphic novel, KILLING MACHINE, by screenwriter Scott Milam that is currently in production.

Killing Machine tells the tale of Franklyn J Hurt, an undercover agent for the Global Crime Task Force sent to infiltrate the criminal organization only known as The Syndicate Six. When his cover is blown, his wife taken and daughter murdered before his eyes, Frank wakes up barely a man, a torso with an unrecognizable face, hanging in a warehouse and used as an example for those who betray The Synidicate Six. However, Frank is rescued by Special Forces and taken to a secret installation where in its depths a massive facility of alien technology awaits. There Frank is given the bionic treatment. After rejecting his new duties, Frank seizes an opportunity to escape and go rogue to find his missing wife and seek revenge for the murder of his daughter using a new body that gives him the means to track down and destroy the killers.

Creator Scott Milam is the screenwriter of the upcoming MOTHER’S DAY, directed by SAW 2-4 and REPO THE GENETIC OPERA’S Darren Lynn Bousman and starring Jamie King and Rebecca De Mornay. In addition, Milam is currently adapting Dark Horse’s THE SECRET for Universal and THE WOLFMAN producer, Scott Stuber. Milam originally brought the idea to producer Daniel Alter, who produced 20th Century Fox’s HITMAN and is currently developing the sequel, as well as a JOHNNY QUEST movie at Warner Bros, KANE AND LYNCH at Lions Gate with Bruce Willis attached, and the film adaptation of Devil Due’s popular comic book series HACK/SLASH at Rogue. Milam was originally going to spec the project as a screenplay until Alter had the idea to bring the project to Arcana to “reverse-engineer” it into a comic book property before shopping it as a feature film and video-game project.

Arcana Owner and CEO, Sean O’Reilly said, “Working with Scott has been incredible and it’s simply fascinating to see what his mind comes up with…” Killing Machine is Milam’s first foray into comics. The book is planned as a series of graphic novels illustrated by newcomer Kenneth Loh.”

Thus far no word on a release date or a price for this one. I’m sort of on the fence about it seeing as it sounds like the same type of story we have seen done 10x before, but I’m hoping that since it’s Arcana it will at least offer something new to the sub-genre. Thoughts?