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TV: Syfy Adding Horror-Themed Reality Shows To Development Slate

We’ll have to see how all of this plays out, but a couple of these sound like they could be pretty cool. I figure we can do a mini-report on them now and then just drop it if they turn out to be super lame.

Variety is doing some preliminary reporting on Syfy’s development slate which is set to be announced later tonight its upfront presentation. A couple of ones that sound like they might have potential are “Stranded”, where a family or group of friends moves into a supposed haunted location, self-documenting their experience in total isolation. “Buyer Beware” follows sellers who try to unload their haunted houses. “Deadfinder” revolves around mediums who help solve cold murder cases. “Ghost Town USA” examines reports of supernatural activity in Mount Holly, N.J.

If any of these get off the ground, which would you be the most interested in?




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