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Joey Esposito Leaves His ‘Footprints’

Our fellow comic enthusiast over at has his very first comic, Footprints, hitting shelves this week! “Footprints” is a monster mashing murder-mystery that follows Bigfoot as he investigates the gruesome murder of his brother, Yeti. The series is collected in trade form, and you can check out the first issue for free after the jump. This is a dashing mythological monster-noir tale that you won’t want to miss, featuring beautifully dark black and white artwork from Jonathan Moore.

WRITTEN BY: Joey Esposito
ART BY: Jonathan Moore
RELEASE: April 25, 2012

When Bigfoot discovers his brother brutally murdered, he assembles his old detection team to unravel a conspiracy that spans decades. FOOTPRINTS is a creator-owned comic about a cast of cryptozoological deviants placed inside hard-boiled noir. It’s a fun trip through a unique modern setting that will appeal to fans of noir, comedy, and huge freaking sharks.



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