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Resident Evil Creator Is Working On A Brand New Horror Title

Shinji Mikami, the creative mastermind behind the Resident Evil series and collaborator with Suda51 on Shadows of the Damned and the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw is working on a brand spanking new survival horror title — that’s right, I said survival horror — codenamed Zwei. It was just unveiled in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which also revealed that Mikami’s Tango Gameworks studio will be handling development of the title. Mikami has said in the past that he would only direct one final project after Shadows of the Damned, so there’s a very good chance this could be it. Head past the break for more!

Mikami will be teaming up with Skyrim dev Bethesda Softworks on the title that’s currently aiming at a painfully wide 2013 release window.

Zwei might not be the final title, but it could give us important clues as to what this game could be about. A quick perusal of the internet has taught me it means two in German, is the name of a Japanese band and, well, that’s about it. If you have an idea of what the monicker could mean, let us know in the comments below. I’d also like to know what you’d like to see from what could very well be Mikami’s last project and on a scale of 1 to hot damn, where is your excitement ranking right about now?

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  • Blood-Sicles

    Holy shit! Well, given his track record, I’m pretty damn excited! Hopefully it’s more traditional survival horror, but I’m sure I’ll love whatever it turns out to be. I’m really, REALLY looking forward to hearing more about this…

  • ThunderDragoon

    Great news. So happy. 😀

  • TheHorrorGuru

    Nice! I’m super excited to see how this project turns out. =)

  • Frankieohrising727

    I hope it plays like a survival horror game the genre has really crapped out which really sucks cause you literally have to play a older gen console to get that scary feeling which sucks but hey thats a life

    • Adam Dodd

      You should check out Amnesia: The Dark Descent — it’ll renew your faith in the horror genre.

  • Kreeloc

    sweet, this title is getting so tired.

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