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Time To Get Together With Some Friends For Another Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend

If you haven’t yet participated in a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekend, you’re missing out. But let me break it down for you. There are basically 2 challenges 2 be completed. The Allied Goal, and the Squad Goal. Allied Goal is a cumulative goal that is to be completed with the help of all Mass Effect multiplayers who play during the weekend. This coming weekends challenge is kill 1 Million Cerberus Phantoms. You know, those ninja mother fuckers who sneak up on you and cut you to death with their swords. The prize for everyone participating if completed is a Victory Pack. The Squad goals are to be completed by you and your squad by the end of the weekend. This weekends goal is survive Until extraction on any map with any enemy on Gold difficulty. Do this to get a Commendation Pack. The weekend starts this Friday at 6pm PST and ends Monday 5am PST.



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