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First ‘The Bunny Game’ Poster Begs You To Breathe, New Trailer & Hi-Res Imagery!

Autonomy Pictures presents the first of four teaser posters for the upcoming US release of Adam Rehmeier’s relentless horror film The Bunny Game, along with the trailer and first hi-res imagery. The unflinching indie film was recently banned in England but will see an Uncut, Uncensored North America limited theatrical (in states that will permit it) and DVD/Blu-ray release in July. Dates and additional information will be announced soon. Keep up-to-date with their official Facebook page.

“‘Bunny Game’ follows a female prostitute (Rodleen Getsic) who hitches a lift with a truck driver. The truck driver (Jeff Renfro) kidnaps the woman, restrains and forcibly strips her, and proceeds to physically and sexually abuse and humiliate her.

When we last heard any news about Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game, it had been rejected for home video release by the BBFC who stated, “It is the Board’s carefully considered view that to issue a certificate to this work, even if confined to adults, would be inconsistent with the Board’s Guidelines, would risk potential harm within the terms of the Video Recordings Act, and would accordingly be unacceptable to the public.

Rehmeier responded to Bloody Disgusting at the time stating: “I think ‘The Bunny Game’ is way less disturbing than ‘Pretty Woman’. Somehow it’s more socially acceptable to glamorize prostitution under the guise of a rags-to-riches fairy tale where Richard Gere falls in love with the whore by the end of the film.” He continues, “Rodleen and I didn’t make ‘The Bunny Game’ to glamorize prostitution. It is far from an erotic film. It is a modern cautionary tale grounded in reality.



  • Rot-13

    Fucking Amazing!

  • Fiesty-Cadaver

    Wow! This looks like a sadistically pleasant lil piece of grimey cinema. Just the way I likes it!

  • marioncrane

    This movie looks like a film student’s C-minus film project…just another piece of torture porn that tries to justify itself by making the character who’s being tortured a cheap whore. Maybe I’m the only one tired of women being degraded in ‘horror’ films as a form of entertainment. -_-

  • Hitchet

    I’ve seen this film 2 months ago. Rowdy, scandalous, and A LITTLE BIT shocking.

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