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Humanity Focuses Its Efforts On Making Dead Space A Reality

Smell that? That’s the unmistakable aroma of humanity’s nearing doom, having opened its box of death and broken promises all over you. Don’t move. Let it love you, just as you let me love you on a daily basis. So it would seem no one at Planetary Resources Inc. has sat down with Dead Space, because if they had they wouldn’t be bringing humanity closer to realizing the events in that terrifying game with their ambitious new project. You’re probably wondering what I’m going on about, so let me take a minute to explain. Earlier this week a group of billionaires got together to announce the first asteroid mining company ever. Something like this has never existed and there’s a pretty recent horror game that offers a pretty damn good reason for that. Head past the break for more.

Among the group of people at Planetary Resources is James Cameron, director of blockbuster films like Avatar and Titanic, and who I can only presume is doing this as research for an Avatar sequel, as well as Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt. The project will take many years before it comes to fruition so for those of you who aren’t terribly patient, below is an image of what the USG Ishimura, or whatever it ends up being called could look like:

This new endeavor is a potential way of solving the global financial crisis that’s plaguing the world–and my wallet–right now. Most see this as a light at the end of the tunnel, a new dawn for humanity, if you will. I see two possible outcomes from this project: the first is it’s successful and they reach their goal of adding “trillions of dollars to the global GDP,” but the second possibility is we stumble across a Marker that eventually dooms us all. What do you think?

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