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Another Jolting Trailer For Found Footage ‘Report 51’!

The official website has been updated for a new first person indie by the name of Report 51, a film that appears to “get it”. Unlike most cinema verite indies, these filmmakers have bent over backwards to create a small viral marketing campaign that includes clips and other goodies. Get started at the link above, or be a lazy like me and watch the newly added trailer above.

Starring Michela Bruni, Luca Guastini, Viola Graziosi, Damiano Martina and Ann Pierssens, the movie is currently in post production. The director, Alessio Liguori, has co-written the script and co-produced the film with cinematographer Giuliano Tomassacci.

The found footage is what four unaware American students experience after a strange and nonetheless unintentional sighting. They decide to organize a week-end in the woods to research what is going on and the video-documentary is the faithful recording of a happy jaunt among friends which soon turns into a terrific nightmare and in a struggle for life. These four friends quickly forget their jealousies and the juvenile flirts to escape from an impending, extraterrestrial, threat.



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