Michael Biehn In Talks For New 'Hell Hunters' Series - Bloody Disgusting!

Michael Biehn In Talks For New ‘Hell Hunters’ Series

Update: Biehn has refuted the claims.

A semi-odd press release tipped us to IMDB where Michael Biehn (The Divide, Terminator, Aliens) is rumored to play “Ajacks” in new “Hell Hunters” TV Series.

Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman are confirmed to have been cast in Lawrence Donini and director Jourdan McClure’s “Hell Hunters” series that follows “Travis Werner, a young boy in a small town in North Dakota adopts the persona of Ajacks from a 1960s comic book. And as a vigilante crime fighter, continues to hunt down the scum of the earth.

Michael Biehn, also known for roles in Tombstone, The Abyss and Planet Terror, may round out the trio of lead characters alongside Bill Moseley (Hazard) and Michael Berryman (Lawrence Beasley) by playing Ajacks in the series.

  • Ryan Daley

    The people call him Ajacks…cause he scours crime off the streets.