Jennifer Lynch On Why She Doesn't Get the NC-17 Rating For 'Chained' - Bloody Disgusting
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Jennifer Lynch On Why She Doesn’t Get the NC-17 Rating For ‘Chained’



Just a day or so ago we reported that The Classification and Rating Appeals Board upheld the NC-17 rating given to the movie Chained. The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) had assigned the movie the NC-17 rating for “some explicit violence.” This decision was made despite several appeals. The Appeals Board heard statements on behalf of Chained from Kevin Carney, Executive Director of Marketing at Anchor Bay, and Jennifer Lynch, the Director of the film. The scene in question is an image of a throat being cut.

But Jennifer Lynch still (politely) disagrees. Speaking to The LA Times she says, “The one thing they [the appeals board] kept citing was context, that violence in a lot of other films doesn’t feel as intense. I have a lot of compassion for what [the MPAA] does. And they were all very nice and warm in the room. But it doesn’t seem fair to me. I feel like we are being punished because the film was done the way it was set out to be done, which was authentically.

She will cut the film, but hopes that the unrated version will be available in come capacity as well. But she doesn’t see the scene as being particularly shocking. “Horror fans will see it and be stunned at the NC-17. They’ve seen much worse.” Kevin Carney adds, “There were horrific scenes in ‘Hostel 3’ that I can’t get out of my head, but what the MPAA kept saying is that it was context, which seems arbitrary. Compare our movie to ‘Sweeney Todd,’ where 13 or 14 people get their throat slit. There’s an equal amount of graphic-ness. It’s just a different style.

Head inside for the film’s sales trailer to see what all of the commotion is (or isn’t) about.