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TesseracT Bassist Provides Voice Over For The Goriest Trailer I’ve Ever Seen

TesseracT bassist Amos Williams has entered the world of voice over acting and his debut is the amazing, super gory trailer for In God We Trust. Directed by Fightstar musicians Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway, the trailer, which was shot on a budget of £1200 (just under $2,000), is meant to entice studios to provide a larger budget for a feature-length film. The story revolves around a near-future Earth whose environment is deteriorating rapidly. The world’s governments and corporations have formed small coalitions that are each vying to secure what little remains. The protagonist, Piotr Drabik, is a scientist who believes that he has made a connection with God and that God’s true intentions are quite chilling indeed. Check below for this awesome trailer (Amos’ voice begins around 1:46).

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