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12 Years Since Diablo II, Diablo III Is So Close Adam Is Frothing

12 years is a damn long time to wait for a sequel. But a game like Diablo and Diablo II people are still playing to this day. But finally coming out on May 15th is Diablo III for the PC and Mac. Past the break you can check out an awesome TV commercial for the game that you may have already seen if you watch TV a lot. Obviously the trailer looks nothing like the game, but it’s still epic and awesome. Enjoy!



  • Bad_Generation

    I just read the Book of Cain today. Man, nothing pumped me up more than reading that lore.

  • doctrina

    Yeah the community still waiting for this day. Ihope the game are well balanced and the sound and monster design are horrible that your blood freeze in the eyes, body and brain as prise for the next 15 years. lol hahaha

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