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Park Entertainment Sees The Dead At Cannes, Will Adapt Stephen King’s ‘The Reach’

London-based sales company Park Entertainment is bringing a new Stephen King project to Cannes.

Budgeted in the $12-14m range, The Reach, from a Stephen King short story, is “based on the memories and hallucinations of a 50-year old woman who sets out on her first ever journey to mainland.

Here’s the plot synopsis from Wiki: “Stella Flanders, the oldest resident of Goat Island, has just celebrated her 95th birthday. She has never crossed the reach, the body of water that separates the Island from the mainland, in her entire life. She tells her great-grandchildren when they ask, “I never saw any reason to go.” Stella comes to the realization that the cancer that she’s known she has, and kept to herself, is it its final stages when she starts seeing the deceased residents of Goat Island. Her visions start with her husband inviting her to “come across to the mainland.”

Producers are Grayson Ross and Jodi Hansell for DownEast Village Productions. Screen Daily reports.




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