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The “Cabal Cut” Of ‘Nightbreed’ To Screen In Los Angeles June 10th! Check Out The Trailer!

The “director’s cut” of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed has been a highly sought-after and highly intangible experience for horror fans ever since the film’s release over two decades ago. And while those seeking it out may not have crossed the finish line quite yet, there’s now a “Cabal Cut” which may be the closest we ever get to Barker’s original vision. And it’s playing LA’s New Beverly Cinema on June 10th, hosted by Days of the Dead.

In 2009 Seraphim’s Mark Miller contacted Morgan Creek and found out that there may well be more to the Myth than anyone had thought. Two European encoded VHS tapes were discovered and sent to Phil and Sarah Stokes, who run Clive Barker’s website, Revelations. They viewed the tapes and saw what nobody had seen in almost 2 decades; additional Nightbreed footage. Phil and Sarah transferred the footage to DVD and, with Clive’s approval, announced to the world that missing footage for Clive’s film had been found. Inspired to see Clive’s original vision come to light, filmmaker Russell Cherrington, longtime friend of Clive Barker and Seraphim, took the DVD back to England and, working with editor Jimmi Johnson and Clive Barker’s original Script, created the new cut ofNightbreed composited from two the VHS sources and the original Warner Brothers DVD. The original cinema release of Nightbreed was fused with the workprint to create The Cabal Cut.

Head to Occupy Midian for more details. Head inside for the trailer.



  • reaper18783

    its moments like this i wish i lived in America and not Australia, i have waited so long to see this and i still wont be able to, it had better get a DVD or blu ray release.

  • MrDisgusting

    I’m so there

  • babagloom

    Can this please be playing at Louisiana LA rather than Los Angeles LA? I NEED to see this.

  • letoatreides3508

    It’s about friggin’ time.

  • Mr_Darko

    This is great. But I hope it gets a wider release.

  • Darkness69

    Can’t wait, Clive also hinted at it on his Twitter account, along with the website. You lucky Americans!

  • Travis

    Just re-watched this film again the other night. It’s such an underrated little gem, and Cronenberg turns in such a good performance as the lead baddie. This specific cut has reached myth-like status over the years amongst many fans and I’ve heard that this Cabal Cut runs at well over 2 hours. Personally, Nightbreed is my favorite cinematic work by Clive Barker, so if I lived in or around California I would definitely be making the trip to see this.

  • lucie-with-a-gun


  • This is rad for many reasons. I still have Epic Comics’ Nightbreed that was published about the same time, and rumor has it those comics are much closer to Barker’s original script.

  • Boonraiser

    This is one of my favourites still after all these years. I would love to be able to catch this some time. As a kid I used to love that the lead’s name is Boone, that being my nickname since birth.

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