Preview: 'Saucer Country' #3 - Bloody Disgusting!

Preview: ‘Saucer Country’ #3

Finally, we are getting the alien conspiracy comic we’ve been waiting for. Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s Saucer Country is stretching out into bizarre territory, and it’s only going to get weirder from here on out for the Governor. Comparisons to The X-Files are coming right, left, and center, but Cornell is paving a new path for the genre. Aliens are the next zombies, so far as I’m concerned, so hop on board.

WRITTEN BY: Paul Cornell
ART BY: Ryan Kelly
PRICE: $2.99

Hypno-regression therapy, cutting edge aviation technology, and an abduction by rabbits! Things are getting really strange on the campaign trail in New Mexico, and Governor Alvarado is beginning to wonder: Has everyone in this state been “abducted by aliens”? The book we like to call “The West Wing meets The X-Files” ramps up as we meet the enemy and get a look into their big, black eyes…