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Review: ‘Hellraiser’ #14

Clive Barker blows our minds straight to Hell once again in Hellraiser #14. Any protocol or structure that may have held strong in the past has been annihilated, and bedlam has been kicked into full throttle. As the gates dividing Hell and earth slowly dissipate, and good and evil melt together, one wonders if a certain Cenobite has really transformed indefinitely or if anyone can truly change. We’re running out of ways to praise this title because of how consistently good it has been.

WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker, Mark Miller
ART BY: Janusz Ordon, Jesus Hervas
PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios

In the latest, and possibly greatest, issue of “Hellraiser”, Elliot Spencer may not have entirely reverted, after all. Even in his quest to eradicate the puzzle boxes, the power of the box (particularly, the one that originally took him) whispers in the corner of his mind. It’s creepy as sh*t. In order to prevent a living Hell on earth, Kirsty must go back herself, and sides must be chosen in order to prepare for battle.

At this point, all I can say is that this story is always getting better. Every issue transcends seamlessly into the next – every word collapsing perfectly together to build another masterpiece. The art this time around is a little different, but still superb; the dark colors blended into the regular red-on-neutral palette resonate with ancient grounds, with singed rocks and ashy caves. Through the darkness, though, the characters remain as vibrant and alive as ever, with light emphasized in the eyes. And of course, the brilliant reds leap off the page.

If Barker, Miller, and the art team continue pumping out issues like this one, we may have to find another way to praise “Hellraiser”. Seriously, if you know any fans of the original story, you have to tell them about this book.

The war will surely continue to be in full force in the next issue of Hellraiser. Prepare for Hell to blow completely open.

5/5 Skulls

– Reviewed by: Kaity McAllister



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