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Hear Your Favorite Video Game Theme Performed By The London Philharmonic Orchestra

I am in no way ashamed of my appreciation of video game music. Hell, I love listening to video game tunes sometimes. Matt Uelmen’s “Tristram” from Diablo, Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill 2 OST, Kenichi Matsubara’s Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (one of my favorites), and a great deal more. Yup, I’m all about video game music and I’m not embarrassed by it in the slightest.

Last year, the London Philharmonic Orchestra released a compilation of 21 orchestral versions of some of the most popular themes from video game history (order it here). Now there are plans to record a sophomore album and IGN is giving readers the chance to pick one of the songs that will appear on the disc. Just go hear to cast your vote. Bonus points if you vote for “Castlevania”.

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