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Preview: ‘Zombies Vs. Robots’ Annual

Zombie and robot apocalypses can be found across pop culture right now. Perhaps because they represent our deep seeded fears of the future, and reflect the current downtrodden state of society. Or maybe it’s just because they’re badass. Either way, IDW brings robots and zombies together for an all out war in the first Zombies Vs. Robots Annual. Check the preview after the jump.

WRITTEN BY: Chris Ryall, Daniel Wilson, Rio Youers, and Kevin Grevioux
ART BY: Ashley Wood, Sam Kieth, Andy Kuhn, and Drew Ford
PRICE: $7.99
RELEASE: May 30th

This first-ever ZvR special not only reunites co-creators Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, but it opens the ZvR world to other creators, too. Creators like novelists Daniel Wilson and Rio Youers, artists Sam Kieth and Andy Kuhn! In “Seasons of War,” each creative team looks at a different season of the zombie-robot apocalypse!



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