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Gwar And Peta Want You To Wear Human Pubic Hair

Gwar and Peta have joined forces to bring you an informercial decrying the slaughter of animals for their fur. While I think Peta is a sham and that the lot of them are a bunch of hypocrites, I’m still not cool with innocent animals being killed for their pelts. Also, this video is quite hilarious (well, when it’s not showing animals being massacred left and right) and features Oderus Urungus outlying a plan for a more economical option for faux fur (hint: Scott Tenorman sells this organic material). Keep your eyes open for a cameo from Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe and Gwar guitarist Balsac the Jaws Of Death. You can watch the video below but, as mentioned above, there are scenes of animals being killed. So if that’s gonna ruin your day more than this, I recommend not watching it.

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  • Radicalex

    As BD’s resident vegan, I have to comment here, right? It’s like a law, right? PETA’s definitely done some stupid shit … a lot of it, actually … and I still debate as to whether they’re worth supporting, but in the end I think they are. They’re a huge organization that takes a lot of risks in getting their message across, but I think it’s kinda reductive to write them off completely as a sham. Irrespective of that, at least we can agree killing and hurting animals needlessly is dumb.

    As for this video, good on PETA for having a sense of humor and for getting Oderus as a spokesman, or spokes-whatever he is. This was definitely amusing, although it could’ve been shorter. I do like having crazy aliens shouting at me.

    Thanks for posting this, Jonny!

    • Jonathan Barkan

      My pleasure! Also, respect on being vegan! I know a few people that are vegan and it boggles my mind sometimes how they manage to make it in today’s society.

  • morrisseylikesburgers

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