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‘Among The Sleep’ Isn’t Your Typical Horror Game



It’s nice to see studios taking risks, but it’s even better when a studio takes a risk with a game that’s decidedly outside the box. Granted, developer Krillbite is an indie studio so the need to please stockholders and the like isn’t there, but still, this game is different, and I love that. Their current project is Among the Sleep, an atypical horror game that puts you into the footy pajamas of a two year-old child who can’t seem to get to sleep. From this perspective we get to see a child’s nearly limitless imagination, fueled by the dark surroundings of their home. According to the studio’s website, you’ll be presented with “both physical and mental obstacles that challenge your creativity.” I’m not entirely sure what type of game this is, but a first person puzzle horror game from the perspective of a two year-old sounds more than a little intriguing. Check out an early gameplay trailer after the jump.

Keep an eye out for Among the Sleep on PC and Mac sometime next year.

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