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First Look At French Genre Drama ‘Bad Seeds’

We just landed the first images from the French horror-drama Bad Seeds (Comme Un Homme), which was being sold at the Cannes market last week.

Directed by Safy Nebbou, the flick stars Emile Berling, Charles Berling and Kevin Azais.

Quiet 16-year-old Louis, the high school headmaster’s son, has never been in trouble. His best friend, 18-year-old Greg, however, is his polar opposite: provocative, angry, violent, he has been kicked out of school for physically threatening young English teacher Camille.

When Greg asks Louis to help him take revenge on Camille, Louis accepts, fascinated. Together, they kidnap the young woman and lock her in an old remote shack.

But Greg’s plans with Camille are more sinister than Louis could ever have foreseen, forcing him to confront his own dark side…



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