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Watch Lara Croft Run From A Plane Engine In This New Tomb Raider Trailer

Developer Crystal Dynamics is taking the longstanding series in an entirely new direction with a reboot that promises to show us a more innocent side to the sultry badass that is Lara Croft. Tomb Raider takes place before Lara realized raiding tombs was her true calling, and long before Angelina Jolie helmed that duo of stunningly awful films based on the series (seriously people, she punched a shark in the face). A lot happens in this new gameplay trailer–Lara impales herself on a pole, knees a guy in the naughty bits and runs from a fucking plane engine. Tomb Raider won’t be out until March 5th, but so far I’m loving the exponentially more likable Lara and the blend of horror and action. Check out the intense new trailer after the break so you can decide for yourself if you like this new and improved Lara Croft.

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