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‘Piranha 3DD’ Experiment Not Really An Experiment; Failure or Success?

Update: A source close to the production tells us that the pre-rebate budget was $8M with about $3M going to above the line (rights, producers, cast, etc.). They also reveal what I already suspected… Dimension has already made money internationally. It’s NOT a failure. The end.

Dimension Films is kicking the PR into high gear with their weekend release of Piranha 3DD, which opened in 86 theaters day-and-date with VOD this past Friday. All of the major trades are declaring it a big “experiment,” which is absolutely hilarious considering Magnolia, IFC, Freestyle Releasing, Anchor Bay and various other distributors have been testing these waters for years now. The only real experiment is to see how much hype they can build with PR declaring it an experiment. In fact, Dimension pulled a day-and-date release with Hellraiser: Revelations and Children of the Corn: Genesis (although a pair of theaters barely counts).

Anyways, numbers can lie. And frankly, it’s impossible to know if this “experiment” is a success or failure mostly because we don’t have all of the numbers. Reporting is as a success or failure is inaccurate at this point in time.

IMDB claims the budget is a disgusting $20,000,000. Variety reports that Piranha 3DD opened in 86 theaters for a three-day take of $179,000, or a per screen average of $2,000, or half that of the original. And VOD numbers won’t be available for at least two weeks (usually it takes months, especially with cable providers). This looks terrible.

But when you factor in that we don’t know what the real budget was, how much they spent on marketing materials/digital prints/3d glasses, what kind of rebate Dimension received from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (I believe they get 30% back, so roughly $6 million), how much the film has sold for internationally (Dimension owns worldwide rights), and any other factors unlisted… it’s impossible to be on the outside and know how successful it actually is.

Point is, all of these Web reports are beyond ludicrous and harmful to future films (it sends the wrong message) hoping to attempt a similar release. The only “facts” are the theatrical numbers, and based on these numbers it would appear to be a dud (a $20 million loss). Appearances can be, and usually are, deceiving.



  • crane

    If its a success of failure, were probably not going to see a Piranha 3DDD: Without The D’s because than its called Piranha 3 !

    This movie was fun for a hour, but 10 minutes of credits was way too much, and there were too little bloody Piranha moments.

    Its the best campy comedy/horror of the year.

  • superchopper

    3DD looks like it was a $2M movie with $3M in rights, with a “declared” pre rebate budget of $8M to get $2M in rebates. So, final budget is maybe… MAYBE $3M. That’s my guess.

    All a shell game gentlemen.


  • Accident-with-power-tools

    what a joke, regardless of quality of the film, the US release has been a failure for the fans, it has been buried as someone at the studio didn’t want it to lose money with a big theatre release, it’s guaranteed to make some money this way, but not really get seen. The filmmakers must be angry, unless they had some part in this idea then they should be ashamed. It has looked like a disaster from start to finish. The experiment idea is a smoke screen, they wouldn’t actually try that with a 3D film, not yet.

  • Evil_Nik

    Blah… let them squabble over numbers all they like. It was an entertaining film.

  • EvilDeadFridaythe13thfan

    This movie was pretty bad. The first one was a lot of fun but this was just painful.

  • djblack1313

    yeah, this movie was %100 worthy of a direct to dvd release. i didn’t hate the movie (parts of it are ok) but it’s nowhere near as fun, gory or well made as P3D. Danielle Panabaker (as usual) was great and was the best thing in the movie.

  • JoeR

    Movie wasn’t that bad. Bowden was awesome and makes me really look forward to her upcoming lead roles in Nurse 3D and Hold Your Breath. Wish she had the lead role instead of Panabaker, who is kind of boring. Not nearly as good at comedy as Bowden (who had years of comedy experience on TV).

  • FreddyKrueger13

    BRING ON A THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evil_Flip

    3DD is really bad. It’s a 50 minute movie stretched another 20minutes (by a unimpressive ‘climax’) and the filled with shitty outtakes and credits. to make it 80minutes. and its not even so bad its fun (what could’ve worked).

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