Review: 'Harbinger' #1 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Harbinger’ #1



This summer’s most interesting event in comics isn’t “Avengers Vs X-Men” or the “Court of Owls” crossover in the Batman books, it’s the return of the Valiant universe. The extensive cast of Valiant characters have been held in legal purgatory for years, but have now been triumphantly resurrected with the release of “X-O Manowar” #1 last month.

One of the most exciting titles to make its return to stores is Harbinger, which was previously one of the company’s flagship books. “Harbinger” is the story of Peter Stanchek, a teenager that is born with very powerful psionic powers that allow him to control minds and move just about any object. On the run from police, Stanchek is trying to walk a dangerous tight-rope that has drawn the attention of authorities and philanthropist and fellow harbinger, Toyo Harada, who seeks to harness Pete’s abilities.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Dystar
ART BY: Khari Evans
PUBLISHER: Valiant Entertainment
RELEASE:: June 6th

Rebooting an established franchise is always a daunting task, as the creative team must please existing fans by not straying too far from the past, while keeping the book friendly to new readers. Writer Joshua Dysart (“Unknown Soldier”) does a great job of staying true to the original series, while managing to bring the characters into modern day. Dysart introduces brings some fresh ideas to the table that keep readers on the edge of their seats, and really delivers and impressive debut issue.

The art by Khari Evans is ripe with emotion and perfectly sets the tone for Dysart’s story. Evans style is the perfect balance of simplicity and just the right amount of flashy detail, which makes him perfectly suited for this book.

Overall “Harbinger” #1 is another impressive re-launch for the new Valiant Entertainment. In a year with a plethora of fantastic books hitting the store shelves, both “Harbinger” and “X-O Manowar” earned their spot on readers’ pull-lists by emphasizing the foundation that the original Valiant was built on; strong storytelling.

4/5 Skulls

-Big J


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