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E3 2012: ‘Dead Space 3’ Coming In February, Trailer Offers A Lovely Dose Of Bromance

The long awaited Dead Space 3 trailer is finally here and my oh my is it tasty. I’m sure there are plenty fans who will see this brighter and more co-op focused Dead Space as a sign that the series is beginning to follow Resident Evil in favoring action over horror, but before your eyes turn red and steam starts pouring out of your ears Elmer Fudd style, remember: that’s what a lot of us thought with Dead Space 2. The fact that the co-op is optional–meaning you can go it alone with the cumbersome AI companion–only makes this game even more exciting. Head past the break for our the debut trailer and a little co-op gameplay from what will definitely be one of next year’s most anticipated games.

Dead Space 3 releases on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in February 2013.

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  • AfterTheAsylum

    Machine guns and soldier enemies. I’m not pissed, but I am not excited.

  • Miikesmama

    Not good. The beauty of Dead Space was that you were alone in this hostile enviroment, and shitting your pants at every corner. This looks like a clone of Call of Duty and Lost Planet, it’s too loud, too bright, and too crowded.
    Also, this clip contains more dialogue then the whole first DS. So for me it’s probably be Thanks, but no thanks

    To (mis)quote Adam: “the series is beginning to follow Resident Evil in favoring action over horror…”

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