E3 2012: This New 'Lost Planet 3' Trailer Has It All (Except Co-op) - Bloody Disgusting
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E3 2012: This New ‘Lost Planet 3’ Trailer Has It All (Except Co-op)



Looks like Dead Space 3 might be given a run for its money as Lost Planet 3 is treading dangerously close to the snowy planet infested with angry bug aliens who very much want to tear you limb from limb territory. Of course, this is territory Capcom claimed back in 2006 with the first Lost Planet, but I do love the series’ new and decidedly more mature take on humans and mechs vs bug and bigger bugs vs whiteout blizzard conditions. My only concern is the lack of co-op that’s been glaringly omitted from everything Capcom’s shown of the game so far. Kicking slimy alien hiney with some friends was really the only reason I played the previous game, so either they’ll need to bring it back in this game or give us a worthy replacement. Head past the jump for the game’s chilly new E3 trailer.

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