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‘Fright Night’ Director Tom Holland Lights Up For ‘The 10 O’Clock People’

Tom Holland has has a couple of classics under his belt with the original Fright Night and Child’s Play. He’s also no stranger to Stephen King adaptations having helmed Thinner and The Langoliers. So the fact that he’s signed on to direct The 10 O’Clock People not only marks a welcome return to features, but it’s also the rekindling of his collabortaion with King.

King’s “The Ten O’clock People” was a short story published in 1993 as part of his “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” collection (pictured above). “The story follows Brandon Pearson, who in trying to kick his smoking habit uncovers a frightening aspect of reality, he plans to extinguish through extreme measures.” Holland has remarked that “This film will be a modernization of the original short story, a paranoid suspense piece.

The Ten O’Clock People will film this summer and be produced by Making Ten O’Clock Productions and Holland’s Dead Rabbit Films. A quick visit to cinematographer Nathaniel Kramer‘s website reveals that January Jones (“Mad Men”, American Wedding) has been pegged for a role, but that bit of unconfirmed casting something we’re treating as a rumor at the moment.

Head inside for a teaser poster for the film.




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