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Remedy Creative Director Tweets A Link To A Blog That Could Be Related To ‘Alan Wake 2’

For a year the possibility of a true sequel to Alan Wake has been hanging over us like a cloud–a cloud you want to jump up and grab so you can drag it back down to earth and rub your face all over it, maybe see if it’s up for some naked spooning, you tell it you don’t even mind if it’s the big spoon, because you love it that much. A few days ago Remedy creative director Sam Lake tweeted a link to a blog by a writer named Samantha. Seemed innocent enough at the time, that is, until Samantha’s writings started coming off a little cray cray. It sounds like she bought Alan’s lake house and upon finding some of his writings started having nightmares. Her most recent post from earlier today took the creep factor to a whole new level, saying Called 911. Men outside shadows darkcominghelpmoreligh. Men in the shadows? Dark coming? More light? Anyone else getting strong Alan Wake vibes from this? I’m predicting an Alan Wake 2 reveal coming soon. Come on Remedy, give it to me, I’m ready for it.

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