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E3 2012: Amazon Outs Special ‘Resident Evil 6’ Bundles

Two Resident Evil 6 bundles have been outed by online retailer Amazon–one for the PS3 and another for the Xbox 360–that include a variety of Resident Evil related bonuses for those who look at Resident Evil 6 and scoff at its utter lack of content. The first is the Resident Evil Anthology for the PS3, which brings with it Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 4 HD and the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. The second is the Resident Evil Archives for the Xbox 360 and it will include Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 4 HD, Code Veronica HD, Resident Evil 5’s Gold Edition and the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration. Looks like Xbox 360 owners got the short end of that severed limb, but both are still fantastic deals for their $89.99 asking price. Anyone interested in either of these delicious bundles?

Resident Evil 6 releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 2nd, with the PC version following sometime later.

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  • purplek

    Is it like the actual discs or what? Because if it’s each individual disc then I’m definitely coughing up the money for that. But if it’s just a download thing I’m passing haha

    • Adam Dodd

      That’s a good question. Hopefully we’ll find out for sure how they’re coming when the bundles are officially announced. I’d also prefer new discs, if only to update my aging copies of RE1-3. I’d be surprised if they even play anymore.

  • purplek

    For real man. It’d be a legit deal.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    thank god I have both systems, I hope its disc based. Its a steal at that price

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’s about time that the PlayStation gets some love. The Xnox has been getting some exclusive stuff and it’s getting downloadable content first for RE6. I’m glad that the PS is getting all of the main games in this collection. It deserves it since RE premiered on the first PS.

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