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E3 2012: Gears Of War: Judgement Is Giving Us Class Based Multiplayer Action

The fans asked, and Epic Games is going to deliver. Class based multiplayer action. What more could you want from a Gears multiplayer? Anya, I need Anya. Head past the break for a video showing off the multiplayer and explaining the classes.



  • Adam Dodd

    I want to put this game in my mouth, swish it around a little bit, then stick it to the roof of my mouth so I can savor it FOREVER.

  • Miikesmama

    Yeah, and this is nothing they couldn’t have put in a DLC for GoW3? Greedy Bastards! True Gears fans don’t need another game, we are still playing this one! No way in hell you completed the game on 100%, with all the achievments!

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    that was AMAZING. still playing 3, great game

  • Ive been dreaming about the idea of “Overrun” since GOW3 came out. Ill get it for that alone.

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