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[Spoiler Warning] ‘Prometheus’ Deleted Scene Revealed, More On That ****** Alien, Elder Engineers!

So much for being done with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

While I felt there was plenty clarity in the Alien prequel, many readers have felt confused by the lack of explanation. We learned quite a bit in Ryan Daley’s story posted this morning about the newly released “Prometheus: The Art of the Film”. And while his look inside revealed quite a bit, my own digging discovered even more.

Major spoilers do follow. You have been warned.

First, the opening sequence revealed a man, on some planet, drinking some ooze that causes him to break down into DNA that apparently created life. Some of the production art revealed “Elder Engineers” that were originally part of this sequence. Early trailer descriptions also revealed these cloaked figures were actually in the film, while IMDB once listed both Darwin Shaw and Matthew Rook cast as these “Elders”. The thought is that these Elders are actually the creator of the Engineers, a reveal saved for the sequel. A deleted scene perhaps?

The most shocking discover, by far, is that of what appears to be a varient version of the “zombie” Holloway (played by Logan Marshall-Green). In the film, Holloway becomes infected, and thus returns as some sort of zombie version of himself (pictured). BUT, one of the leaked images show that Scott’s original intent was for him to transform into a Xenomorph-ish creature. Readers on the boards indicate they believe this creature to either be Millburn (Rafe Spall) or Fifield (Sean Harris).

Lastly, we’ve also added an image of what appears to be the Engineers’ home planet. This is unconfirmed.

We’ve added all imagery inside for you to carouse through. Tell us what you think!




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