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Preview: ‘Siegfried’ Vol. 1

Archaia puts out some of the best horror comics around, sadly they often go under the radar, falling in the shadow of the Big Two. Siegfried looks to be another one of those incredible book from the indie publisher; a three part dark fantasy epic by Alex Alice. It sounds like a medley between “Skyrim”, “Neverwhere”, and “Game of Thrones”, and it don’t get much better than that. The book launched today (order here), and you can check the preview below.

STORY BY: Alex Alice
ART BY: Alex Alice
PRICE: $24.95
RELEASE: June 13th

A three-part story inspired by Wagner’s classic opera The Ring of the Nibelung. Siegfried, born of the love between a mortal man and a Valkyrie, is a young orphan being raised by Mime, one of the last of the dwarf-goblin Nibelungs, in a dark forest with only wolves for friends and family. While his foster parent only wants to live in peace and solitude, Siegfried yearns to discover who his real parents were and live amongst his own kind, not knowing that Odin, father of the Norse gods, has a destiny planned for him: to fight the dragon Fafnir, guardian of the Rheingold.

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