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Meet Your Maker: First Look At An Elder Engineer From ‘Prometheus’ Opening Sequence!

Something special just appeared over at the Prometheus Forum. The site just landed more than a handful of behind-the-scenes images from the making-of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, his Alien-ish prequel now in theaters from Twentieth Century Fox.

Within the batch of pic they share the first ever look at the reported “Elder Engineer” played by Matthew Rook and all of this suggests scenes of the opening being filmed that didn’t make it to the theatrical cut. It’s also presumed that these Elders actually created the Engineers, much like the humans created David the android. I guess we’ll know more when they get around to making the sequel. See the still below or click the link above for a ton of other behind-the-scenes Engineer photos from Ian Whyte undergoing make up to on set snapshots on The Juggernaut as the Survivor Engineer awakens.

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