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Halo 4’s Infinity Multiplayer Is Going To Keep You Playing For Months To Come

343 Industries is taking Halo 4 to a whole new level. That level? Weekly released co-op missions. There will be a weekly released cinematic episode that features 5 playable co-op chapters/missions. The whole point is to move your Halo career forward. You earn points just as you would playing a multiplayer match against other players. Head past the break to check out the Infinity Multiplayer trailer and learn all about it. Halo 4 will be released this November 6th, exclusively on the Xbox 360.



  • flesheater24

    yo 343 if you ever read what we post here, please for the love of god make a multiplayer map or a few in space where we have to have dog fights, fight on space ships, blow space ships up fight against swarms of people PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! that’ll make me so damn happppppyyyyy!!!!!

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Best plea ever haha

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