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This Is The Coolest Castlevania Poster I’ve Ever Seen



Well, this is strange and exciting. It’s my first foray into Dead Pixels since the new website went live and I feel some tingling sensations coursing through my body. It’s like I’m going through puberty again! All I ask is that you don’t ask me to come up to the chalkboard and solve a math problem. I’m kinda pitching a tent, if you get my drift.

But coming to the focus of this article, I need to begin my saying that I’m a huge Castlevania fan. No, seriously, I played the absolute HELL out of Castlevania, Simon’s Quest, and The Castlevania Adventure when I was a kid. Later on, I got pretty obsessed with Symphony Of The Night and I loved Lord Of Shadows. So, when I say that I love me some Castlevania, trust me.

And that’s why I had to share this amazing poster of a skull that is made entirely with old-school Castlevania sprites that you can check out below. Personally, I’d make a copy for each room in my place, kitchen included. Then again, I’m batshit crazy.

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